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A Snuffle mat is an interactive enrichment treat dispenser/toy for your dog providing both entertainment and stimulation at the same time.

A dog’s nose was made to sniff, snort, track, burrow and hunt and a snuffle mat taps in to these primal instincts rewarding your dog with a tasty treat at the end.

Dogs originally had to work for their food before we started spoiling them with a hand delivered meals but their noses have still innately got these instincts and that’s where a snuffle mat is great.

All you need to do is hide treats around the mat and let your dog use their nose to find them.  At the end they are rewarded with the treats they find.  It’s that simple. 

Snuffle mats are a low impact enrichment toy suitable for dogs of all ages, including disabled or mobility impaired dogs.  

Snuffle mats can be used to distract your dog and ease their levels of anxiety in some case.  Or simply to keep your dog entertained mentally and physically when stuck inside the home.  Mentally stimulated dogs are less likely to be stressed or anxious.

Snuffle mats should only be used under supervision, like most dog toys, to prevent the dog chewing the flannel once all treats have been found.

Small, dry treats work best in the snuffle mat

It is advisable to use one snuffle mat per dog, just like one food bowl per dog.

Snuffle mats are commonly used to encourage slower eating habits.  They force your dog to eat slowly and food can not be gulped down at once.

Hand or gentle machine washable in warm water and air dried.  This helps prevent the build-up of dirt and grime over time, a quick wash will have it shining like new. 

Each mat is interlockable for larger snuffle mats.

Size – 30 x 30cms

Each snuffle mat is individually made and designed. No two mats are ever the same unless custom ordered.